Artsy Tour

Indulge in art and photography

Judit & Bertil

Start your day with a glass of sparkling and some strawberries.

Suggested stay: 60 min


Fotografiska is one of the world’s largest meeting places for contemporary photography. Fotografiska presents four unique large exhibitions and about 20 smaller exhibitions annually. In addition to the large exhibition, Fotografiska also houses a book and souvenir shop, a restaurant, a photo gallery

Suggested stay: 60 min

Atelier Food

This place is just amazing.

Suggested stay: 60 min

Moderna Museet

Experience one of Europe's foremost collections of art from the twentieth century to today, featuring works by artists including Picasso, Dali, Derkert and Matisse.

Suggested stay: 60 min


Try the testing menu, it's around 900 kr (including drinks) and worth every penny.

Suggested stay: 60 min