GuideMyDay offers nished one-day tours created by locals. Our community helps you find amazing places, and makes sure you don’t get lost on the way.

Popular tours

Chunky Sausage Tour

A day all about sausages, sausages and sausages.

The Smelly Cheese & Wine Tour

“Hello wine lovers” like Bengt Frithiofsson says...

Stockholm Startup Tour

Want to visit Stockholm's hottest startups? Follow this tour!

Totally Broke Tour

Don't have too much money in your pockets but still want a day out on the town? If you have a few coins to spare this might be something for you.

Young Companies Actually Making Money Tour

This is an awesome tour of young companies growing and actually making money but didn't make it to the "cool startups" list. Enjoy! Let's build this tour together: Tweet your suggestions to @bjornlilja

Kids Tour Södermalm

Take your kids around Södermalm

Old Sailor Tour

Oh hoy, jump on board! We’ll guide you through a day of both boats and seas.

Artsy Tour

Indulge in art and photography

All-in Medieval Tour

See Stockholm through the eyes of a 1400 century knight. A tour for all the Mjöd, Swords and Jester’s lovers out there.

Vintage Tour

A list with some of the best vintage shops in Stockholm.

Rockabilly Tour

All that 50's, tiki, hot rod, turned up raw denim jeans, pretty dresses, hair pomade, rockabilly music and bowling shirts.

Guns, Cannons And A Great War Tour

Interested in the Swedish history of army and military? We’ve made this tour for you.

Weekend movies

3 cinemas, 3 movies in one Saturday